The Dead Don't Dream

You are a Toronto police detective, lying in the gutter, shot by the man you were pursuing, and your life is slipping slowly away. Your assailant murdered a number of people, but you wanted to bring him in alive, before he himself was killed. What you know, and he doesn’t, are the names of the people who want him dead.

As you wait for death, the thoughts running through your head are not about your life being cut short, but about the killer you were chasing, the crimes he committed, and the woman you love, who can only stand by and watch as you die in the street.

The Dead Don’t Dream takes readers back to the year 1973 in the world of Ian McBriar, a homicide police detective who battled bigotry, racism, and personal tragedy to become one of the few Métis constables in the department. Haunted by the deaths he has investigated and the lives he has seen destroyed, Ian struggles every night with the memories that make him who he is.
Can Ian survive his attack and track down the gunman before more lives are lost?

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Mauro Azzano
Author of the Ian McBriar Murder Mysteries


The next chapter in the ian mcbriar series


The year is 1974.

A crooked politician, a desperate bank robber, a series of deaths going back twenty years and across half the country- all come together in one fast-paced, gripping page-turner.

Beginning with a death that seems to have no motive, a suspect that seems to have no alibi, and a child caught between three adults, Death Works at Night is the next exciting tale in the Ian McBriar series.

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